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Finding the right plumber to repair your water or overall plumbing system is not always easy. Understandably, the final decision is one that should not be taken lightly. Hot water servicing is an often complex affair, much like hot water systems. 

Here at Elite Plumbing and Gas, we often receive calls from Boondall residents. In some cases, they’re trying to work out whether they need a hot water repairman or an electrician. 

But we take the guesswork off our client’s hands. When the water systems in their homes, property or offices act awry, we step in and find the right answers. Lacking hot water in your establishment can be a real pain. You should know that its time to call for an immediate repair service when:

  • There’s any evidence of water leakage (particularly at the base of your hot water tank).
  • The taps in your establishment aren’t releasing any water.
  • The water tank base becomes rusty (this could directly affect the inner tank).
  • There are consistent water pressure issues in your property.
  • Your hot water system has reached a decade of active use.

Here are some of the processes we use to troubleshoot issues affecting hot water systems. They should help you determine if your water systems require a professional.

Problem: There’s a Leakage in Your Water Systems

Hot water systems usually give warning signs of incoming trouble. It could a slight leak from your electric hot water heater or the sight of water pooling at the base. 

You may notice evidence of a leak along the hot water tank’s side, or see water spraying or flooding when the hot water system is in use. All these events mean a repair is due. You need to shut down the water supply and immediately call a plumber. The leaks could mean:

Problem: The Hot Water Is Cold

Two elements could be responsible for this particular problem; the tempering valve, and the pressure release valve. Alternatively, the issue could be that a fuse box has tripped, thus affecting the hot water system’s circuit breaker.

If you are using a gas hot water system, it may need a gas bottle replacement. Consider also checking to see whether your gas supply has been interrupted or switched off in your area. If you eliminate all these concerns and find that the circuit breaker keeps tripping, then it might be time for a complete gas hot water repair.

In some cases, a slight but not total temperature drop could indicate problems in your hot water system. Cold winter weather may be the culprit there, cooling the hot water in the pipes before it gets to you. Adding insulation to hot water systems usually resolves the issue of heat loss.

Problem: The Water Gets Too Hot or There’s No Water at All

Whether you use electric or gas hot water, check the adjustment on the water heater’s temperature dial. After doing that and making a readjustment, wait a short while. 

If you check the temperature again to find the same issue, its time for hot water service or plumbing repairs. The hot water repairman should be able to determine this fairly quickly. 

If turning on your taps results in a sad dribble rather than a good, steady supply, check your cold water plumbing situation first. If the issue isn’t your supply then check the hot water system for an isolation valve. 

Some installations aren’t fitted with isolation valves but look for a red or yellow handle located close to the water intake. You may simply need to switch it back on. Beyond that, do not attempt to adjust or probe further. Leave the hot water system repair to experts. 

Problem: There Are Strange Noises in the Hot Water System

It can be quite alarming to hear clanging, banging and gurgling sounds from your system. 

Sometimes, the sounds are caused by the metal parts contracting and expanding, Especially in older hot water units due to the build-up of hard water and minerals inside the tanks. 

We can resolve the buildup problem by flushing the tank, which if done periodically can extend your hot water unit’s lifespan. Boiling sounds are more sinister. This could indicate that the system has dangerous overheating and pressure. This is considered a major plumbing emergency and you should call us immediately.

All Your Plumbing and Hot Water System Problems in Boondall Sorted

We believe plumbing problems shouldn’t be a drain on your mind and pocket. Plumbing, hot water systems and hot water repair in general, can be confusing. But with the right expert on your side, your hot water repairs will be a breeze.

Some issues with hot water systems may have simple solutions, whether you are a plumber or not. But while basic troubleshooting is okay, we would not advise dismantling your hot water system. 

If brief troubleshooting doesn’t resolve your hot water problems then contact us to get your hot water service working again. The philosophy we use at Elite Plumbing and Gas is simple: we believe that plumbing should never feel like a mental, emotional or financial drain.

We have a small and dedicated team of experts at your disposal. When you give us a call, you will be speaking directly to a trained plumber, who each share this commitment to customer satisfaction for all our clients. No job is too big or too small for us.

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